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Bob Petit Photography

Welcome to my web site and my photographic world from Eugene, Oregon.

My hope is that you will find enjoyment in looking at my photos. I also hope my work will allow you to have a view of the world through my camera lens and, within that view, that you will be able to look at and think about the beauty in your world with a new perspective.

Much of my work has been done in Oregon as I am a native son of this beautiful state. Having retired from a professional career in health care administration, culminating with 20 years in the college health field as the administrator at the University of Oregon Health Center in 2004, I have chosen to become a photographer with a goal (my administrative background at play) to become world-class. Now becoming a world-class photographer may be a lofty goal, and one that I may never achieve, but I have to say that I am sure having fun pursuing it as a dream.

In addition to my travels around Oregon, I have taken extended photography trips around the Northwestern and Southwestern United States and to Israel. I am sure my pursuit of the “perfect photo” and my lofty goal will lead me to other places that I have yet to realize in the future. I have also discovered a special passion for photographing wild horses, including Kiger Mustangs,
in Southeastern Oregon near the Steens Mountains.

In following my dreams, I have had the good fortune to
have won some blue ribbons at the local county fair,
some local photography contests, photography club
competitions, and have received some nice
recognition locally and regionally for my photographic
efforts. Several of my photos have been selected for
use in local business calendars. I have had one photo
published nationally as part of a US Fish and Wildlife

Report, five photos selected for the book
entitled "Capture Lane County", and made the top
250, tier 3, selections for the annual North American
Photography Association (NANPA) Showcase
Competition in 2009 and 2010.

I have been able to do some volunteer public service                        photography work with the local juvenile court’s Martin                              Luther King alternative school, the CERT (Certified                                Emergency Response Team) and at the Greenhill                                        Humane Society, along with some miscellaneous work like
weddings, family gatherings, favors for friends and such.

I am a past president of the Emerald Photographic Society (EPS 2006-2007), Vice President of the Nature Photographers of the Pacific Northwest and an active member in the Columbia Council of Camera Clubs and the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). I also participate in showing my work, along with
other EPS photographers, at Brewed Awakening, a local coffee shop.

I should mention, for all of the wonderful photographers in the world that love to debate cameras and the world of film versus digital images, all of my work is digital. I started with a Sony DSC707, moved to a Nikon D70s and have recently switched to the Nikon D300. I use Photoshop CS4, Lightroom and am a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). I am also an avid ice cream lover.